"The Absolute Best!"

"I've had Neuropathy for 8 years.  I've been to many doctors.  I've tried many medications. The pain in my feet were excruciating.  After my 5th treatment, I can walk again, I can play drums again and I can go to work again. I am just a new person.  I feel wonderful!  I recommend you seeing these two doctors!"
Ray Ryan, 61 years old
Been Developed To Erase The
Symptoms Of Peripheral Neuropathy
Jimmy Ninh, MD, Board Certified Neurologist, Has Developed A
Groundbreaking Neuropathy Protocol That Has Virtually Erased
The Symptoms Of Neuropathy And Made It Like It Never Happened.
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What Our Patients are Saying...

"I've Got A Better Quality Of Life"

I've lost 15 lbs. The doctor has cut my diabetic medication if half. I can now walk. I'm able to sleep with  no more pain.

"The Best Thing Is They Are Not Pushing Medication"

After 8 treatments, I can feel the temperature of the floor. The pain is nothing like it was before. I love both Dr. Ninh's. They listen and care

"My Pain Has Gone To Zero"

I've suffered with neuropathy for 4-5 years. Since I've come to see Dr. Ninh, the pain has gone to 0. I appreciate them so much for what they have done for me.

"This Has Been A Huge Blessing"

I was having so much pins & needles with burning pain in my feet.  Now I can walk around without the sharp pains.  I really enjoy it now.

"I'm 95% Better Now, And No More Cane. It's Been Out Of This World"

I came in with so much pain from neuropathy. I can now feel the bottom of my feet. My sugar level has dropped. I've lost 10 lbs. It's just been out of this world.
To Help Correct, Erase, And Make Neuropathy Like It Never Happened, You Are About To Be Given A Chance To Finally Get Relief From The Burning, Tingling, Electric, Sharp Pains In Your Feet.  Do Not Let Neuropathy Control Another Day Of Your Life.  Take Control Of Your Care And Regain Your Life.
To Make It All The More Un-Ignorable You
Are Given The Opportunity Of A Free Screening To See If You Are A Candidate.  There’s A Lot Going On Here!  Hundreds Of Patients
Just Like You Have Already Gotten
Their Lives Back
Start Today and Live Your Life Free From Pain

From the Desk of: Jimmy Ninh, MD, Neurologist

"With over 100 different types of neuropathy, it makes it a  very difficult disease to treat.  Even amongst neurologists, the old teachings have always been, "there's nothing you can do about it."  While my treatment protocol can't help everyone, it can help a select group of neuropathy pain patients.  It's now your chance to finally get the relief you deserve without surgery or medications."
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Dear “Neuropathy Sufferer”…

You are reading this letter for 4 important reasons... 

#1: You are tired of being told, "There's nothing you can do about it and you will have to live with it."  Don't be upset at your doctor if they have told you this.  With over 100 different types of neuropathy, doctors are equally as frustrated treating neuropathy as you are experiencing it.  With so many different types of neuropathy, there just aren't any treatment options other than medication.  How would it feel to be told that there is actually something that can help you?

#2: The pain is already bad and you don't want it to get worse.  Neuropathy is a progressive disease, meaning it will continue to get worse and worse.  It is classified by progressive weakness, pain and sensory impairment in the arms and legs.  If your pain has gotten rapidly worse over the past few months, how do you think it will feel in the next few months?

#3: You're tired of living life as a prisoner of neuropathy pain.  Many people suffering with the symptoms and pain of neuropathy have become bedridden or learned to accept and endure the pain.  Many have avoided going to church, parties, vacations, family outings and even stopped playing with their grandchildren because of the pain of neuropathy.  Many people are unable to walk but a few yards without their feet feeling like it is on fire.  Some try to ignore the pain only to suffer more when they lay and rest their feet.  Most people enter their "Golden Years" suffering with neuropathy.  You've worked so hard your entire career only to enter your golden years immobilized with pain and a bucket of medications.  Life has become purposeless and pain ridden.  Is this how you want to live your life?  Don't waste another year in pain.  How many years have you lost due to neuropathy?  

#4: You want your life back.  Your golden years should be filled with joy, laughter, travels and time spent with your loved ones.  You've spent the majority of your life creating and preparing for a retirement life with your family and friends.  You once had a vision of how you wanted your life to be.  You had dreams, aspirations and goals.  It may have been a simple life with your loved ones walking and playing in your backyard or on the beach.  It may be traveling across the state or world and admiring the wonders of the world.  Whatever it is, it is not too late.  If neuropathy has robbed you of your dreams and life, you finally have a chance to erase your pain and fulfill your dreams.  Do you want your life back?  

We already know that if you are suffering with neuropathy, it has been
very frustrating for you.  We already know that you are experiencing burning, sharp and tingling pains in your feet along with spontaneous electric shocks.  Your feet may be so sensitive that you have to sleep with your feet outside the sheets or over the edge of the bed.  That is if you are even able to get sleep.  

If you can relate with these 4 reasons, you have the chance to FINALLY ERASE the symptoms of neuropathy as if it never happened.

Dr. Ninh has developed an emerging protocol which would ERASE the pain and symptoms of neuropathy Here And Now.

Now let’s put that BIG ERASER to work, and erase the pain!

Sign up for the free screening see if you are a good candidate for his neuropathy protocol.  Because there are over 100 different types of neuropathy, not everyone will be a good candidate.  But if you are a good candidate, this could potentially change your life and you could regain the life you have lost.

So, what can you expect when you sign up for the free screening?  

#1: Someone from Dr. Ninh's office will contact you within 24 office hours and set up an appointment to meet for a one on one screening to determine if you are a good candidate.  This should typically take 20 minutes depending on your condition and if you have additional questions

#2: If you are determined to qualify for Dr. Ninh's neuropathy protocol, your insurance will be verified and all financial and coverage will be reviewed with you.  

#3: Begin treatment and start seeing results within the hour!  Yes, within an hour you will see more changes than you have with any other treatments combined.  There is no surgery and no more medication prescribed!

We’ll be 100% transparent.  We can not accept every patient.  Like cancer, there are so many different of types of neuropathy with different causes, mechanisms and symptoms.  For those who are fortunate enough to be a good candidate, you will literally see positive changes within hours!  So do not wait, schedule your free screening now.  Space is limited! 

Act NOW!  Don't suffer another day.

Yours In Health,

360 Medical Wellness & Neurology

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